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Laliya are James Maguire and Melissa Howlett-Maguire.

Laliya is an instrumental hybrid of new acoustic and subtle world fusion, creating an atmospheric soundscape using instruments of old in a modern and exciting way. This has been enhanced through the use of a technique known as 'two hand tapping' on the Dulcimer combined with rhythmic and percussive beats of the Djembe.

A truely unique, and transcendent auditory experience.

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"I have been fortunate in my life to have toured with some of the best musicians in the world... These two are SO unique. Wonderfully thoughtful work! I can't stop playing this!"
John Mooy "tour manager, guitar tech, artist relations".... (for the likes of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jackson Browne, Kenny Loggins, David Crosby, Nickel Creek..........)

"The two artists' skills and Maguire's composing talent are more than enough to not just hold interest but get into one's blood stream and percolate into a heady but subtle frenzy."
Bill Binkelman Wind and Wire

In January 2006 Laliya's album Just Like River achieved 4th position (out of 25) in the Echoes listeners poll for best album of 2005 (Not bad for an independent production) Echoes 2005 Listner Poll . Thanks America!

Echos is the nightly music soundscape of excellent music heard on over 130 public radio stations in The States, and online at

In December of 2004, Laliya extended their boundaries with a radio interview broadcast nationally in the USA on Public Radio International (BBC World), with Lisa Mullins. Radio Interview wma format | 1800KB. This led to Laliya receiving airplay on Echos, where Laliya were placed in the top 25 for January, March and April 2005, and WRUR FM91.9 based in Ohio, where Laliya made both the top 15 most played and requested songs.