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The Middle Way
The Middle Way is a new CD from Laliya. Many of the songs on this album employ a technique known as ‘two hand tapping’, where both hands play simultaneous melodies by tapping the strings against the fret board.

This CD is the first in continental Europe and the southern hemisphere to be processed with a new revolutionary psycho acoustic technology called FiDef Audio Processing (still in pre-release), stimulating an increased pleasure experience when listening to this album.

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Just Like River
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Just Like River was recorded at Temple Studios, Western Australia, and was completed in 2002.This CD reflects their developing style, giving Laliya a more modern and upbeat feel

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Review "...if you like rhythmic music that features a unique stringed instrument sound as well as catchy melodies galore, I solidly recommend this recording", by Bill Binkelman from Wind and Wire.

Terre de Sacha
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   The CD Terre de Sacha was created in the European autumn of 1998 at Camarillo Studios in Hema, Germany. It is comprised of the many songs Laliya has been performing for the previous two years, with a little influence from their friends both in Australia and Germany. Geordie Batey(Viola) and Arshi Tope(Flute), both recorded at Studio Couch in Fremantle, Western Australia, and Tomas Fronza (Didgeridoo) and Benny Mokross in Germany, all of whom helped to create the Laliya sound on this CD.

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